Saturday, October 20, 2012

We've only just begun..

It's been three weeks since we started homeschooling. Cailin is now 1st grade. Ava is Pre-K.  Our first day of school was at Mama Tech's house. First day was great! Everyone was quite excited. Still adjusting because of Samuel's breastfeeding and nap schedule. We are currently using Sonlight, AOP Bible, Math-U-See, Apologia, Mystery of History, Achieving True Success, Liwanag sa Landas and One Country, One People. Then they do Jazz at Center for Movement ad Music and swimming Class with Coach Kriza.
First day. 1st Grade.
First day. Pre-K.
I'm trying to balance the-kinda-school-like schedule and the relaxed, steady homeschool lifestyle. I have a schedule and i want to follow it, but its quite impossible with all the distractions and other homemaking/household stuff i need to do. So whatever we get done that day, we will just continue or focus on something else the next day.  Having to submit numerical grades is kinda stressing me out too. Quizzes and exams, eiiww.. but what can I do? DepEd requires it. Been taking a lot of pictures of the kids and putting their work up on the wall.
Experiment # 1: The Jumping Coin
We did our first experiment and the kids loved it. I learned from it too. i have never done this my whole life.
Cailin reading the next step

We also made our own Decimal Street for Math.

Making Decimal Street.
This is just the beginning. More to come...

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